Our People

At Hastings, we are passionate about our people, knowing that they are the foundation of our business. We work hard to foster an environment that is safe and supportive, where people have the opportunity to perform at their best, and have the opportunity to learn and grow.
Health and Safety
FY23 Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate
target of 2.0
FY23 Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate > target of 10.00
The health, safety and wellbeing of our people will always be our highest priority – this commitment is embedded in everything we do. This extends to their physical, mental and psychosocial health and reflets our belief that positive health and wellbeing improves our overall company performance.

We have adopted a safety-first mindset that underpins our organisational culture – we encourage our people to perform in a safe and responsible manner, and support them to observe, identify, prevent and communicate potential sources of harm to their teammates.

In FY23, despite the significant increase in work hours reflecting the commencement of early infrastructure works at the Yangibana Project’s mine site, we were pleased to achieve both our LTIFR and TRIFR targets for the year.  
People and Culture
We are constantly looking for better ways to support our people, creating an environment where they feel empowered and valued. We do this by building a culture of inclusion and respect, where everyone feels comfortable to be themselves, where they look out for their work mates and have the courage to speak up.

We are focused on growing and promoting a fair and inclusive work environment, where our people feel safe to bring their whole self to work. We value the unique contributions of team members from diverse backgrounds, who bring a range of perspectives that helps to drive innovation and deliver results for the business.
Bullying, harassment and sexual harassment has no place in the mining sector and we are focused on implementing a range of measures to ensure we are providing a safe environment for all team members.

Other initiatives we implemented to improve inclusion and diversity include:
  • Reviewing gender pay equity on an annual basis
  • Offering flexible working arrangements for our people
  • Recruiting from a diverse pool of candidates to ensure inclusion of differing genders, backgrounds and locations
Attraction, Development and Retention
By nature of our project, Hastings creates a unique opportunity to provide our people with exposure in the emerging critical minerals sector and specifically rare earths.

We are committed to providing a workplace where our people can reach their full potential, while contributing to the long-term sustainability and success of our business. Our strategy is focused on four key areas:

Attracting Talent


Growing Our People


Competitive Employee Value Proposition


Culture and Engagement

Two-way communication remains critical to engaging with our people and to ensure they are able to contribute to the development of a workplace culture that is supportive and empowering.

In FY23, we conducted our inaugural culture survey to start formally measuring organisational culture and better understand the views of our people. Our inaugural survey identified that the area of safety rated more favourably both internally and against external benchmarks against our workforce.
Results of FY23 Culture Survey


Response Rate


Respondents feel gender-based and sexual harassment is not tolerated at Hastings


Respondents believe Hastings shows a commitment to safety


Respondents believe management treats them with respect