Hastings is positioned to become Australia's next rare earths producer,
supplying the growing rare earths permanent magnet sector.
Into the Future
Maiden flight lands at the Yangibana AerodromeTaking off


Project Map

Yangibana Project

Hastings has established significant ore reserves and mineral resources within its tenement package covering approximately 650 sq km under the Yangibana Project.

Brockman Project

The Brockman Project has established significant mineral resources at the Brockman Project centred 18km south-east of Halls Creek in the East Kimberley Region.

Rare Earths

Rare Earths have taken a prominent position in the technology field. Rare earths-enabled products and technologies help fuel global economic growth maintain high standards of living and save lives.

The technological revolution has seen an exponential growth in demand for rare earths elements critical in the fields of clean renewable energy such as wind turbines, electric/hybrid electric vehicles, health care, digital devices, consumer electronics, aerospace and defence.

Rare Earths Used in Consumer Products

  • Electric Motors

  • Renewable Energy

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Military

  • Electric Mobility

  • HE-VS, EVS, Auto Component

  • Medical

  • High-speed Rail

  • Robotics

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