Project Overview

The Project site covers an area of 650 square kilometres and is located 270km east-northeast of Carnarvon in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia.  Once completed the operation will involve mining of rare earth oxide ore, processing the ore to a mixed rare earth carbonate and storing waste material in adjacent waste rock landforms.

Project Scope

The Project scope includes:

  • establishment of the open cut mine pit;
  • design, supply, installation and commissioning of the processing facility;
  • energy supply infrastructure;
  • water supply infrastructure;
  • construction, upgrade and ongoing maintenance of various access roads;
  • construction facilities including administration buildings, workshops, laydown areas and carparks; and,
  • accommodation camp and aerodrome.

Local and Indigenous Engagement

Ensuring our operations benefit local communities and indigenous persons is central to Hastings vision and values and we facilitate the fulfilment of this commitment by maximising opportunities for members of our community, including residents of the Carnarvon/Upper Gascoyne Region, local businesses, the TMWTJ People and those with interests in the area in which we will operate.

As such, the selection criteria for each package will consider the extent to which potential supplier and contractor organisation support the engagement of local and Indigenous vendors.

Work Packages

Potential supplier and contractor organisations are invited to express their interest in the following packages by:

  • downloading and reviewing the EOI document(s) available via each link; and,
  • providing a full response, in accordance with the requirements describe in the applicable document.

Responses should be addressed to [email protected].

Reference Title EOI Closing Date Status Docs
P1301 Bulk Earthworks Equipment Hire CLOSED
P7172 Mill Liner Handler CLOSED
P7606 Supply & Install Non-Process Infrastructure Facilities CLOSED
P6202 Water Borefield Headworks and Pipeline 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7106 Slurry Pumps 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7139 Lime Slaking Package 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7145 Manual Valves 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7269 HV & LV Switchrooms 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7303 Platework 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7305 Piping Supply 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7354 HDPE Lining 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7355 HDPE Piping 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7362 Overland Piping 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P7366 Concrete Protective Coating 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P8102 Site Backhaul Communications 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P8181 Light Vehicles 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P8191 Construction Logistics 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P9107 Fuel Supply 31-Mar-20 OPEN LINK
P6304 Laboratory Operation 31-Jul-20 OPEN LINK
P7277 Process Control System 31-Jul-20 OPEN LINK
P1101 Mining Services (including Drilling Operations) 30-Oct-20 OPEN LINK
P1102 Explosives 30-Oct-20 OPEN LINK