No Appeals on EPA Recommendation for Approval of Yangibana Project

No Appeals on EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) Recommendation of Environmental Approval for a Proposal to Mine and Process Rare Earths at the Yangibana Project

  • The Appeals Registrar (WA Office of the Appeals Convenor) has notified Hastings that they have received no appeals on the EPA’s recommendation to approve the Yangibana Project.
  • Next step in the approvals process is consultation with the Decision Making Authorities (DMAs), i.e., Ministers for Water, Mines and Aboriginal Affairs to obtain their agreement to the implementation of the project in accordance with the proposed conditions.

Introduction Hastings Technology Metals Limited (ASX: HAS) (“Hastings” or “the Company”) is pleased to advise that the Appeals Registrar (WA Office of the Appeals Convenor) has not received any appeals on the EPA Assessment Report, which recommends approval of the Yangibana Rare Earths Project (Yangibana Project) subject to the proposed conditions. The DMAs will be provided with the draft conditions (as detailed in the EPA Assessment Report) for their consideration and must then provide their agreement to the implementation of the proposal subject to the draft conditions. The Minister for Environment will then consider the proposal and EPA recommendation. The Yangibana Project includes the development of five open pit mines, groundwater abstraction, on-site processing of ore, tailings storage facilities, access and haul roads and supporting infrastructure such as accommodation facilities, administration buildings and an airstrip. Executive Chairman, Charles Lew commented: “This news is pleasing to us as it represents overall public support for the project and the comprehensive nature of the environmental impact assessment. We will continue to provide feedback on the draft conditions (as requested) and are excited to see the environmental approval progress towards Ministerial approval.”