Health and Safety

The health and safety of our people and community is important to us.We encourage our people to embrace a positive attitude, look out for each other and work together to achieve our goals.

We are committed to providing a framework that will assist our decision-making and approach to health and safety. We believe having the right controls in place to manage our risks that have health and safety impacts is vital.

We believe frequent engagement with our people face to face is key to acknowledging positive behaviour, addressing at risk behavior, and discussing improvement ideas.

We also support the wellbeing of our workforce to be mentally and physically healthy.


Hastings acknowledges the importance of the surrounding environmental values to the TMWTJ People and the pastoral activities of Gifford Creek and Wanna stations. Specifically, the network of river and creek systems and associated ecosystems are of importance in this semi-arid environment.

The environmental values of the Project areas are constantly being evaluated against all planned activities during exploration, project feasibility and development, planned operations and closure phases.

As our business expands from mineral exploration to mining activities, our emphasis is currently on conducting a comprehensive environmental impact assessment, and developing systems, procedures and culture. In partnership with key government and community stakeholders, a thorough environmental impact assessment process will formalise the conclusion that the implementation of the proposed Project will not significantly impact the environment.

The environmental monitoring data collected pre-mining will also ensure a solid baseline from which we can monitor our performance and effectiveness of our systems, management plans and culture.

From a global perspective, the Project will support the production of green technologies, which in-turn will provide a more sustainable future for the world.

Looking after the surrounding environment is a key aspect of the way we do business.

Heritage and Community

Members of our community include residents of the Upper Gascoyne Region, local businesses, the TMWTJ People and those with interests in the area in which we will operate. During our exploration and feasibility phases, Hastings has engaged several local contractors to support its activities. Hastings will continue to work towards adding value through engaging our local community so that they may benefit from the Project development and will be our first choice of contractors, where possible.

The Thin-Mah Warianga, Tharrikari, Jiwarli People registered as the native title holder (August 2017) of the land on which the Yangibana Rare Earths Project occurs. Hastings has historically had a positive relationship with the TMWTJ People. Despite having obtained all its Mining Leases, Hastings has voluntarily negotiated a Native Title Agreement with the TMWTJ People. All areas planned to be mined and most infrastructure areas have undergone heritage surveys. No significant cultural heritage sites have been discovered to-date that cannot be avoided.

Hastings has completed the scope of works required to inform the Environmental Impact Assessment that is being assessed by the state and commonwealth government.

→ Yangibana Rare Earths Project Environmental Review Document
→ Download the Health, Safety, Environment & Community Policy