Following shareholders’ approval at the general meeting held on 12th October 2015, Hastings Rare Metals Limited will change its name to Hastings Technology Metals Limited¹. The Company has also adopted a new logo comprising a stylised “H” made up of strands of technology metals.

This change in name better reflects our emerging role in the supply of rare earths that are critical in various products and technologies primarily in the fields of clean renewable energy such as wind turbines, electric/hybrid electric vehicles, digital devices, consumer electronics, healthcare, aerospace and defence.

The change also reflects the advanced stage of the Yangibana project where Hastings will complete its Pre-Feasibility Study in early 2016.

Hastings is focused on producing four rare earths (neodymium, dysprosium, praseodymium and europium) critical in enabling technologies to perform with reduced weight, emissions and energy consumption thereby giving such products greater efficiency, performance, miniaturisation, speed, durability and thermal stability.