Hastings in the Media

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Mar 9,2017 Great Thaw of the Rare Earth Ice Age  
Jun 4, 2014 China’s Rare Earth Toxic Time Bomb to Spur Mining Boom PDF
Nov 7, 2013 Hastings Rare Metals studies low cost option for Hastings Project – ProActive Investor
Nov 6, 2013 InvestorIntel Month-in-Review:  Hastings (+50%)  
Sep 25, 2013 Chinese players revive interest in Australian REE; Is this another sign the sector is bouncing back? PDF
Jul 10, 2013 Tony Grey Translates Market Reaction to Bernanke’s Speech: Confirms Chinese Market Growth - ProEdgeWire  
May 17, 2013 Hastings Rare Metals aims to become a leading global supplier of dysprosium – Steve Mackowski Interview – ProEdgeWire  
Feb 20, 2013 Hastings Rare Metals CEO Alastair Metcalf talks Heavy Rare Earths with Investors  
Nov 28, 2012 Hastings’ Heavy Rare Earth Project gains Ground from Technology Advancements PDF
Oct 15, 2013 Hastings Heavy Rare Earth Project Advances with Exceptional Rare Earth Recovery - Alastair Metcalf Interview – ProEdgeWire  
Oct 2, 2012 Exploring the rare earths market – Miningnews.net PDF
Sep 19, 2012 The Ultimate Rare Earth Trade Stakes: China vs Japan – REE World PDF
Sep 6, 2012 Hastings may yet be a rare treat – The Australian PDF
Sep 6, 2012 Licence to crow over Lynas’s rock-­solid support – The Australian PDF
Sep 5, 2012 Hastings boosted on rare earths scoping study – MiningNews.net  
Sep 5, 2012 Hasting Scoping Study Ignites Interest, Joins Rare Earth Processing Game  
Aug 22, 2012 Appeal to boost rare earths imports  
Aug 9, 2012 System to price rare earths  
May 21, 2012 Rare Earths and Australia — Balancing increasing world green-energy demand with supply. PDF
Mar 19, 2012 Reuters: Pollution the big barrier to freer trade in rare earths  
Mar 17, 2012 The Economist:  In a hole? – Demand for some rare-earth elements could rapidly outstrip supply