Hastings Technology Metals is a leading Australian rare earths company.  Rare earths are critical in the manufacture of a wide variety of new consumer and industrial technologies. These range from flat-screen TVs and energy efficient light bulbs to hybrid cars, wind turbines and military hardware.

The Yangibana deposit contains a predominance of Neodymium, Praseodymium, Dysprosium and Europium. These rare earths are used in the growing permanent magnets and phospors markets. The Hastings deposit contains the highest proportion (85%) of heavy rare earths of any known deposit, with heavy rare earths such as Dysprosium and Yttrium being substantially more valuable than the more common ‘light’ rare earths.  We aim to capitalise on the strong demand for rare earths created by new technologies which strive to achieve both increased power and miniaturisation.  We are currently undertaking a Pre-Feasibility Study on Yangibana and undertaking further scoping studies on the Project in order to confirm economics.